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Your voluntary carbon offset

offset your unavoidable emissions and invest in environmental projects around the world in order to balance out your business carbon footprint

Support high quality carbon offset projects around the world and make a positive, long-lasting impact on the environment.

Why should I offset my emissions?

Carbon offsetting allows companies committed to a net-zero path to invest in environmental projects that remove or avoid the release of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. 

When a tonne of CO2 is emitted, it impacts the entire planet, regardless of its country of origin .

After having measured and reduced its carbon footprint, a company can chooseto mitigate, or offset, the remaining unavoidable emissions with carbon credits. This work by purchasing carbon credits certified following Voluntary Emission Reduction standards such as Gold Standards or Verra VCS. When combined with a change in individual and collective behaviours, carbon offsetting remains one of the most effective solutions for reducing global carbon emissions.

supporting rural communities in brazil

To find out more about current projects or to select a specific project on a particular theme or geographical area, contact our team directly at contact@avvena.com


Do you want to offset your residual CO2 emissions as part of a corporate reduction strategy? An event? A carbon neutral product? Contact our team to find out which proposals are best suited to your project.

Verified projects with the highest standards

In order to be able to communicate transparently on a neutrality approach, the implementation of a carbon offset programme must be based on the acquisition of carbon credits validated within the framework of strict certification processes , such as the VERRA VCS or Gold Standard. In contact with project developers, Avvena helps you choose carbon credits from high quality projects that reduce GHG emissions and meet the following criteria 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Climate Awareness Program

The Climate Awareness Program®, a carbon offset with local impact

Offsetting allows us to invest in positive impact projects around the world such as reforestation and agroforestry programmes, energy efficiency projects, green energy production from biomass, etc.

In order to encourage a global and local impact at the same time, Avvena created in 2018 the Climate Consciousness® Program allowing to support local projects in France and carbon projects with strong socio-economic co-benefits in developing countries. Our project packs offer the possibility to combine a certified carbon credit with the support of local environmental projects: protection of the seabed and fight against plastic pollution in the Mediterranean, planting of wild flowers in urban areas to preserve bees and other pollinators ... By offsetting your emissions through the Climate Consciousness® Program, your company reduces its impact by acting in the heart of its territory through the support of qualitative and federative projects

local carbon offset

LOCAL PARTNER PROJECT : Fighting plastic pollution in the Mediterranean

In addition to the certified voluntary carbon offset projects, we offer a voluntary "Climate Awareness" contribution that allows us to support local impact environmental initiatives each year. These initiatives, led by organisations committed to their territory, allow us to act on many factors such as the preservation of biodiversity, the fight against plastic pollution or education on climate change. 

"600,000 tonnes of plastic reach the sea every year, the equivalent of 34,000 bottles every minute
(WWF figures)

Recognised as a "hotspot", the Mediterranean is a real hotbed of biodiversity with an exceptional concentration of species, almost 50% of which are dependent on it. However, most of its marine species are endangered. 56% of cetaceans are seriously threatened with extinction and 42% of fish could disappear, leading to a massive imbalance in marine biodiversity and certain impacts on the local, regional and global economy. Numerous scientific reports place the Mediterranean Sea at the top of the list of plastic waste accumulation areas and as one of the most polluted seas in the world.

Founded in 2016 on the initiative of two young students, the Mare Vivu association has an impact on the whole of the Mediterranean thanks to its close collaboration with several associations in Provence and the Côte d'Azur on issues related to waste, particularly plastic.

In addition to supporting the association's activities, each support obtained thanks to the Avvena carbon credit contributes to the financing of low-tech machines, made from recycled materials and allowing the shredding and recycling on site of all the altered plastics collected on the coast and at sea (which escape the traditional recycling channels).

fight against plastic pollution in the mediterranean sea and ocean

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