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Building a credible Baseline scenario for your GHG Management strategy

Building a comprehensive and reliable GHG emissions inventory to calculate and manage your business' carbon footprint

Also known as carbon footprint, a corporate or organizational GHG emissions assessment is an essential tool to understand your business impact on climate change, and how to manage it.

Path to net-zero


A Greenhouse gas emission inventory  is a list of emission sources and the associated emissions quantified using standardized methods. It provides an exhaustive picture of all the GHG emissions of an organization, an event or a project and is the essential first step towards net-zero emissions. Our team of experts can help your business track, report and reduce your GHG emissions.

Greenhouse gas emissions reporting:

Many countries such as France or Spain are making emissions reporting mandatory for companies depending on their size or sector of activity. Measuring and reporting your GHG emissions not only help governments shape environmental policy but also to collect valuable data within your business that can be used to improve your operations. We provide various plans to help you with your mandatory emissions reporting from data collection to building and submitting reports, so you can focus on your business. 

Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive in the EU:

Because the GHG protocol deals only with GHG emissions, it’s not sufficient for reporting in the EU, which requires a more holistic approach to reporting and evaluating a company’s impact, defined as non-financial reporting. In october 2022, the EU is set to adopt the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), extending considerably the reporting directives for large companies and, in separate, proportionate standards for SMEs.

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Why measure your carbon footprint?

Methodologies and standards applied:

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